Greenhouse Energy Efficiency

The Geo-Dome shape and materials we used cut down on the need to heat and cool the greenhouse, making it more energy efficient than normal greenhouses. The dome is made of UV resistant, shatter-proof 5-wall poly-carbonate glazing panels that help keep the greenhouse cool in the summertime and warm in the winter. Also installed are solar powered undersoil heating/cooling fans to keep temperatures steady, and in fact most of the energy used to heat and cool the geo-dome is solar power.

BoyWithPotato Health and Nutrition Awareness:

The children have the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables and learn about the importance of a healthy, well balanced diet.


The greenhouse provides an outdoor classroom right out the center’s back door, reducing the amount of fuel used to bus the students to and from other gardens. The greenhouse is used year-round as a classroom, which will keep environmental issues front and center in many lesson plans.

Tomato Beauty:

The greenhouse shows the children the natural beauty of our planet in this year-round classroom, where they not only grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, but many different types of flowers, vines and other plants for the children to enjoy.

Greenhouse.Book Learning:

All the children in our program benefit from using the greenhouse. The educational opportunities for this structure are truly limitless, and topics of lessons include plant life cycles, the benefits of fruits and vegetables in daily diets, and environmentally friendly practices to help keep our planet alive and beautiful.

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