Mini University Providing Quality Early Care and Education Mini University Providing Quality Early Care and Education Mini University Providing Quality Early Care and Education Mini University Providing Quality Early Care and Education
Resources and Information For Families
Families are always welcome at Mini University and are encouraged to participate on a regular basis in their child's class. This participation allows teachers and families to develop a working relationship which involves regular communication about their common interest, the children.

Family Forms
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Back Up Care
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Parent's Night Out
Parents Night Out is evening care for children so parents may enjoy an adult evening out while their children are safe and having fun. The hours are generally 6:00 p.m. to midnight on a Friday or Saturday evening each month, and an additional fee is charged for this program. Children are divided according to age and have an opportunity to play in a safe environment with teachers they often see during the day. A typical schedule includes: outdoor play during daylight, a light meal, activities, computers and games, and a 'G' rated movie for the older children.

Unique Aspects of Mini University
Mini University, Inc. will Maintain NAEYC Accreditation & Retain a degreed Teacher in every classroom to demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest quality possible to children and families.
Mini University, Inc. will Support National Education Goals by providing strong language, literacy and math curriculums based on scientifically based research on how children learn through play.
Mini University, Inc. will Support Families as they face the daily challenges of balancing work and family issues. Services in the past have included quarterly family programs and "Parent's Night Out."
Mini University, Inc. will Provide a Children's Library for use by all families of the center. Parenting books are also included. (Families are asked to assist in maintaining the library by donating a book in honor of their child's birthday.)
Mini University, Inc. will Always Work Towards Program Improvement by being attentive to feedback provided by families. Suggestion forms are available at the front office, and annually parents are asked to complete a family questionnaire regarding the quality of our programs.

Parents and Teachers Working Together
Mini University believes guiding children's behavior is a shared responsibility between parents, extended family members and teachers. We are counting on parents to provide the support necessary for teachers to create an optimum learning environment for all children. It is our goal to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all children. With your help we can accomplish this goal.