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Testimonials From Mini University Parents
"Mini University is not just a childcare center, it's a community of teachers, staff, and parents all working together to give children the best educational experience possible!"
  -Kierstyn K. (Preschool parent)

"Mini University has been a great place for our children to grow and learn. The teachers and staff have been a supportive part of our childrenís lives since we started at Mini University almost seven years ago. Aside from having creative and engaging teachers, the community of families is another positive aspect of the center. I know that my children are the outgoing, curious, and friendly children that I see today because of the partnership we have formed with Mini University."
  -April Robles (Parent)
"My son often says, 'Mom, Iím not ready to go yet,' when I come pick him up. He loves it!"
  -Deb MacKay (WSU Parent)

"Mini University is an extension of our family. I am certain that my daughters are in the best possible care! The staff is caring and very professional. There are NO other childcare centers in the Beavercreek area that meet the standards met by Mini University. From Mini Uís classroom ratios to the staffís educational requirements, Mini U doesnít just meet the mark, they exceed it. Thank you Mini U for being such a great addition to our family and taking the best possible care of my girls."
  -Leah Rumbarger (WSU Parent)

"Mini U is in a convenient location for my childcare needs and they provide my child with the best educational opportunities in the area. I am proud of my decision with Mini U and trust that my child will be prepared for kindergarten next year after completing their pre-school program. Thanks Mini U!"
  -Danielle Wampler (WSU Parent)

"We use Mini U because we know that our children will be well taken care of by licensed, accredited professionals. I love the fact that a majority of the teachers have been there for 3+ years and plan on staying at Mini U so that my children do not have to transition teachers."
  -Daniel and Kristi Magee (WSU Parent)

"The classrooms and grounds are clean, spacious, and well equipped. The teachers, administrators, and staff are courteous, professional, and show a genuine concern for the well being and development of our children. This is a first rate daycare facility."
  -Mike Vogel and Adelle Belisle (WSU Parent)

"Mini Uís teachers and staff take excellent care of our daughter! She has some special needs and is empowered to learn and thrive just like her classmates. They work with us to understand what meds or physical therapy she needs. We canít say enough about Mini U!"
  -Sommer and Matt McGuire (WSU Parent)

"My two sons have been enrolled in Mini University for almost a year now and I have to say that I love it there! Before coming to Mini University, my 1 Ĺ year old son was not speaking. Afer just one week at Mini University, he began to talk. I wouldnít want my sons to go anywhere else!"
  -Jeanne Patton (WSU Parent)

"Mini University is our sonís home away from home and the teachers and classmates are his second family. He feels comfortable, safe and secure there which makes us feel confident that we made the right decision choosing Mini University to care for him."
  -WSU Parent

"I chose Mini University because I can trust that they are giving my child the best care possible! The staff is very respectful and knowledgeable, the facility is clean and conducive to learning, and the programs are fun and educational. They do such a wonderful job and we hope to stay for years to come!"
  -WSU Parent

"The staff and Mini University is always so warm and welcoming to my family. They provide us with quality care for our child, exciting experiences for his continuing education, and smiles every day of the week!"
  -WSU Parent

"I believe that Mini U is able to employ and retain such highly qualified staff members because they believe in a supportive and positive workplace that values their employees. My child directly benefits from this, and as a teacher myself, I can really appreciate this and can see the difference it makes in my childís learning environment!"
  -WSU Parent

"Trusting their [my childrenís] care to anyone is not taken lightly. As a parent of a child with special needs, all of that is taken even more seriously. Matt and I are beyond grateful for the peace of mind we have when she is at Mini U. We know sheís in good hands and that her educational needs and special care will be taken care of."
  -WSU Parent

"Everyone in this place loves kids and wants them to succeed in life. The staff is very supportive of families. They use actual lesson plans and work with parents to help kids learn skills needed for kindergarten. My daughter loved this place so much she cried when she started kindergarten and had to leave Mini U."
  -User Review,

"Mini University is the best child care center in town. My two children have grown up in the program and have developed friendships that extend outside of the program. The teachers are amazing and they all have education degrees, which I couldn't find in any other program. The adminstration is always so friendly and helpful. It is so nice to have such a warm welcome when we come and go each day. My son is now in Kindergarten and is very well prepared. I attribute much of his success to Mini University. Thank you Mini University for the love and care you provided to my children."
  -Parent Review,

"MINI UNIVERSITY at WSU is the BEST program in Dayton! The Director is amazing and always takes time to answer my questions and help me with my kids. The TEACHERS are unbelievable - all have a college degree and you wouldn't believe how great they are in the classroom. I really feel like they care about my family and I know my kids are getting the best start to their education. You can't go wrong with any of the Mini U programs....all are fantastic!"
  -Parent Review,

"My kids have gone to Mini U at Wright State for years and we love it! There isn't a better place in town. At first I thought it was expensive, but then I looked around and saw what some pretty bad places cost, and I realized Mini U is a bargain! Preschool was terrific and they prepared my kids so well for Kindergarten - we LOVE Mini U!"
  -KatieMThomas, Yellowpages Review

"As a parent who asks lots of questions, I'm extremely satisfied with the staff and faculty's timely responses. We have and will continue to recommend Mini U. to other families."
  -Montgomery County Parent

"I know that my child is receiving exceptional care from qualified professionals at Mini University, and I never worry about his well-being while I am at work. The facility is clean and well maintained, and the classrooms/playgrounds provide wonderful learning opportunities for the children."
  -Montgomery County Parent

"Everyone is very friendly and know our child by name. We feel secure leaving our child with the staff. We know that they have policies in place to keep our child safe. Most importantly, we know that while taking care of children is their job, they sincerely care about each child and want what is best for them!"
  -Montgomery County Parent

"Our daughter started in September at 8 weeks old, and we were very nervous about leaving her, especially since she had some fairly serious swallowing and reflux issues. Her teachers have been absolutely FABULOUS and have gone out of their way to make sure all of our daughter's needs are met. We recommend Mini-U to everyone we know."
  -Montgomery County Parent

Mini University, Inc. will Always Work Towards Program Improvement by being attentive to feedback provided by families. Suggestion forms are available at the front office, and annually parents are asked to complete a family questionnaire regarding the quality of our programs.