Preparing Children for Kindergarten for Over 25 Years

What Makes Us Unique!

  • Low teacher/child rations
  • Degreed teacher in every classroom
  • Creative curriculum used in every classroom
  • NAEYC Accredited and 5 Star Rated by Ohio’s
  • Step up to Quality Program
  • Read more about our Educational Philosophy here!

Kindergarten Prep Scholarships

We have scholarships available for FREE part-time preschool! Children must be 4 years old and the family must meet certain income guidelines

If your child is eligible, call TODAY to reserve your space! We will distribute scholarships on a first-come first-serve basis, and scholarship spaces are limited. Click here for the application and a helpful FAQ!

What Do Our Parents Think?

Ginny’s Story

I think the teachers are what make Mini U stand out specifically. Their relationships with each of our kids have really been impressive.

Ginny’s Story

Denis and Kim’s Story

They have a library on the way out the door where children can pick their own books to take home with them.

Denis and Kim’s Story

Krystal’s Story

My favorite thing about Mini U is their value of education. It’s not just like they’re watching your kid every day, they’re actually teaching and engaged with the kids.

Krystal’s Story

In the first 5 years of life, hundreds of billions of neural connections are made in your child’s brain, forming the foundation for future learning. Interactions between caring adults form these connections. CONNECT with Mini University and see the difference our quality makes in children’s lives!

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