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Parenting young children can be the most REWARDING and the most FRUSTRATING experience of your life. I know many parents sometimes feel like what they are doing when it comes to discipline just isn’t working. I’d love to tell you about the discipline method we use at Mini University. It has a great success rate and develops the social & emotional health of children.

The ultimate goal of discipline is self-discipline —self-control and self-direction. Our goals in caring for our children include directing their behavior with words and by example, so that they will learn the skills necessary to control their own behavior and cooperate with others. In our center it is our intention to try to prevent many behavior problems by providing direct supervision and guidance, age appropriate activities, love and interaction, a daily routine, and clear boundaries.

We have found the Conscious Discipline method is the best way to guide young children (developed by Dr. Becky Bailey). Conscious Discipline links social-emotional learning with behavior management for overall success. It is based on the principle that children learn best when they feel safe, loved and calm. It is based on current brain research, child development information, and developmentally appropriate practices. Conscious Discipline® has been specifically designed to make changes in the lives of adults first. The adults, in turn, change the lives of children.

Conscious Discipline® is a way of organizing schools and classrooms around the concept of a School Family. Each member of the family-both adult and child-learns the skills needed to successfully manage life tasks such as learning, forming relationships, communicating effectively, being sensitive to others’ needs and getting along with others.

Conscious Discipline® empowers teachers and other adults with the Seven Powers for Self Control. These powers change the adults’ perception and relationship with conflict, empowering them to be proactive instead of reactive during conflict times. These core beliefs strengthen our utilization of the frontal lobes of the brain. The frontal lobes are to the brain as a conductor is to an orchestra. The frontal lobes are our moral leader.

From the beliefs instilled with the Seven Powers for Self Control emerge the Seven Basic Skills of Discipline. These skills change how adults respond to conflict in such a way as to facilitate the development of the frontal lobes in children. The Seven Skills are the only skills an adult needs to constructively transform conflict into teaching moments. Through the Powers and Skills, adults stay in control of themselves and in charge of children.

Dr. Becky Bailey has a website ( and several books, tapes and other products. If you are interested in learning more about Conscious Discipline, “I Love You Rituals” and brain development, please visit her website for more information.

Much of the information on this page was taken from the Conscious Discipline website.